Five Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home or Office

Five Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home or Office

It can be a headache to pick original art for your home or office. Follow these five tips to guide you on your quest. 

1. One of These Things doesn’t Belong Here

Art (specifically, the colour of a painting) does not have to perfectly match your furniture, window treatments or area rugs. It is meant to be a statement piece. However, working with a designer will ensure that you choose art that matches the style of your home. For example, you might love three different paintings (traditional, abstract, contemporary). Ensure you choose a painting that fits closely with the style of furniture. If you have traditional, classic furniture, a bold abstract might not be the best fit.

2. Love it or Leave it

You will know if you love something at first sight. If you are undecided, many professional galleries and artists will permit you to take a piece home to try it out in your space to test it out.

3.Choose Something Meaningful

When in doubt, choosing something that is sentimental will always fill your house with a rich warm feeling. My grandma always grew peonies in her yard and when I was looking for something softer for my living room, I knew that having a giant painting of peonies would be perfect – even though the colours did not match colours in my living room. The warm pinks and rainbow of greens felt natural – like having a fresh bouquet of my Grandma’s flowers in my living room every time I looked at it.

4. Support Local Artist

Your city or town is rich with local artists. Calgary has a thriving arts community with a plethora of different professional art groups who hold community art shows several times per year. Check out your local arts publications or Eventbrite for something in your area. If you are unable to make a bigger purchase for original art, ensure you ask your local designer where you can buy prints at a lesser cost.

5. Go Big

Small art is lovely for hallway or even a powder room, however, if you have a substantial space in a dining room or living room, go big. A large statement painting is something you will never regret. It adds drama, emotion and a good story if you know the artist. Another option is to combine big with meaningful and arrange for a commission of something that will tell your own story.




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