Canadian Reclamation, Preservation and Conservation Artist

Nominated in 2024 for the Alberta Order of Excellence for representing Alberta reclamation projects, I have made it my primary practice to paint the raw, natural beauty of reclamation, preservation and conservation success stories.

My mission is to ensure environmental projects have a voice by reaching new audiences to inform, connect and instill pride in the great work that is being done to protect and heal the earth.

As a advocate for STEAM collaborations, my long-term goal is to help individuals and organizations visibly share their commitment of responsible development and land use through the oldest form of communication, the arts.

"Your efforts to tell the stories of reclamation through your beautiful art will be felt forever. " - Tanya Richens, Reclamation Planner/Author

  • Alberta is home and hub to Canada’s energy industry and I intend to create awareness of how industry is protecting the environment. Art can help increase environmental literacy by educating audiences on the acts of care for the land. The Canadian energy industry adheres to some of the strictest environmental standards.

    This is often overlooked in mainstream and social media.

    Recent events and global celebrities have created very polarizing views on climate change and the oil and gas industry.

    It is exceedingly difficult today to engage in conversations that discuss all viewpoints and I believe that through art, we can facilitate crucial conversations and critical thinking in a way that is balanced and based on data.

  • The goal of this focused subject matter is to ensure curiosity is used to spread awareness of responsible environmental actions and reclamation as well as to understand misinterpretations of industry closure activities.

    As the energy industry and sustainable energy grows and changes, oil and gas will need to be remembered and preserved as part of Canada's history of providing our first-world amenities.

    Check out the GREEN collection which was created to remind people that companies have expended great efforts to evolve and ensure reclaimed and responsibly managed sites are left behind.

    These are the untold stories that show how our industry evolved, advanced and emerged as a world leader in caring for the land which we all benefit from. How are you telling your story of reclamation?

  • "I work in the reclamation space, these days spending most of my time in McMurray. Our business does quite a bit of revegetation work (tree planting, erosion control / bioengineering, seed collection, etc.). Seeing your work has brought back the warm memories of inspiration, which have ebbed and flowed for me. I'm really grateful to have connected with your art."

    - Brett Henkel

Whiskey Jack Gallery

Whiskey Jack Gallery, a pop-up in Calgary, is also a destination location in Nova Scotia. The gallery is dedicated to creating a community around itself, and connecting to the local environmental champions across the country.

Whiskey Jack Gallery is based on Canada's national bird: the Gray Jay. The bird was selected as the national bird because it represents Canadians. This gallery also represents Canadians: hardy, friendly and smart.

The bird is one of North America's boldest and most widely distributed jays. This was an important part of ensuring that my art practice was also bold and encompassing projects across Canada. The bird is also known in First Nations lore for leading people home when lost.

 It was pronounced in Cree as “Wisakedjak” which means today it is Canada’s only bird commonly referred to by a traditional Indigenous name. It is known to the Cree peoples as a trickster, teacher and messenger of the forest. They are prime indicators of the health of the boreal and mountain forests ecozones.

  • Speaks About...

    Shannon has been speaking about lessons learned and project management for over 10 years in front of audiences up to 700 people. She is organized, visually engages the audience and is not afraid to address spicy topics in a fun and engaging way. Consider how leveraging experts outside the technical aspect of your industry can "reframe the conversation" on reclamation, preservation and conservation. . .

  • Experience...

    • Facilitator, The ART of Reclamation: Calgary, AB
    • Session presenter: Workfront Leap, Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV
    • Session presenter, CLRA AGM, Edmonton, AB
    • Keynote speaker: Workfront Sales Conference, Lehi, Utah
    • Designer and instructor: Mount Royal University, Suncor Energy, Dale Carnegie, Imperial Oil
    • Webinar presenter, published writer, illustrator and facilitator.
  • Bonus Content....

    Add a pop-up Fine Art Gallery of reclamation art to your event, your breakout sessions, your company retreat, company holiday party or awards night to stimulate conversation and entertain with a virtual fieldtrip to a reclaimed site in Alberta.

    Armed with VR goggles, framed original art and prints, a new conversation can be started on how to communicate success stories to the public and within your operating communities.

  • Reframing the Conversation on Reclamation, Preservation and Conservation.

    "Thank you for your passion and for leveraging and showcasing the great work our COSIA/Pathways members have been doing for years! - Jack O'Neill