Collection: "Oh the Places You'll Go" Collection

Art is personal, and falling in love with a painting can happen in an instant. We all see different things in a painting – that is why it takes time to find “the one”. My goal is to paint a connection to special moments from the past.

This series was created over time and will continue to grow as I paint some of the places that have often helped me navigate my path in life. It's dedicated to a lesson we all learned as children, that it is only by leaving the security and comfort of our home, can we gain a new perspective and appreciate what we have.

Robert Burridge says, "you can't separate your life from what you passionately love to do”.

"Oh the Places You’ll Go" collection is a quiet homage to all the crazy books I read as a child, and how a Dr. Seuss’ imagination will send you venturing out on a path that will no doubt lead you to a more enriched life.” 

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