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June 1, 2023 Art Exhibition

Don’t miss out on this special networking event where we will discuss why the energy industry is still struggling to communicate successes in reclamation and what the consequences could be of not trying something new. Is art the solution?

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How is Your Company Educating the Next Generation on Reclamation?

COMING SOON! Reclamation colouring books with a focus on Alberta and British Columbia.

2021/2022 Calgary Child Magazine: THE KEY TO INTRODUCING ART TO YOUR KID

The key to introducing art to your child is to start small and keep the process simple.

2021/2022 Winter Edition

CONTEXT Energy Examined

PODCAST: The art of reclaimed wilds in Canada’s oil sands

Is the oil sands destroying Alberta’s northern forests? Artist Shannon Carla King points out no, using landscape paintings of the wild beauty developing at former oil sands sites.

May 27, 2021

Context Energy Examined Podcast

Canadian Energy Centre

Artist aims to use reclamation paintings to change the conversation about Canadian oil and gas

Counter-message stands out at environmental issues-focused exhibition in Vancouver

By Deborah Jaremko on October 26, 2020, 2:40 pm MDT

Article / Video

2020 Calgary Child Magazine: HELP YOUR BUDDING ARTIST GROW

"Remember your first coloring book... the first time someone mentioned, “you need to stay within the lines, sweetie” or mentioned with surprise, “oh, I didn’t know that trees were pink!” We nurture arty children from day one to try to fit in to conform to what we consider correct."

2020 Winter Edition

Canadian Energy Centre

Faces of energy: A look at the women and men who power the industry

Canada's oil and gas sector as diverse as the nation it serves

By Shawn Logan on December 28, 2020, 11:34 am MST


Artist Close Up

A Canadian artist raised on a farm in Alberta, Shannon has travelled coast to coast throughout Canada. She is inspired by the snow in the Alberta foothills, the giant cedars in BC and the colors of the east coast. Her passion for painting began almost 40 years ago, at the age of 13.


Oilsands Reclamation Art On Display at Climate Change Exhibition, Vancouver, Oct. 5-18, 2020 Friday, September 25, 2020  Canada Action

A new type of art will be on display at the Federation of Canadian Artists Crisis: Climate Change Exhibition in Vancouver from October 5thto the 18th, 2020, which will showcase the environmental leadership of our oil and gas industry through a window into reclamation.


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Boutique Art Experience

Book a private boutique art experience in your home or office with a preview of up to eight paintings. A great addition to a celebration event, company AGM, or office party that could include a painting demo, art presentation or interactive activity. Contact Shannon for available dates for Spring and Fall.

Book a Private Art Experience.