The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

 As a former oil and gas employee (for over 30 years) I noticed the limited options for choosing milestone gifts and swag from the larger organizations. The options seem impersonal and the same as what is given to contractors on a project. I personally chose a DeWalt mitre saw for my 10 years at a single organization. It came with a small lapel pin with some gemstones in it. Now that I am no longer there, I am pretty sure I won't be wearing the pin around town.

Being in Oil and Gas these days is tough. It's controversial and mainstream media is not talking about any of the great reclamation work that organizations are doing. How could they? When it's done correctly, it looks like every other wetland – there is no awe factor unless they saw what it looked like during resource extraction (which can be pretty ugly). The average person is unaware of the big budgets set aside for reclamation to heal the earth again and I am proud to capture that healing using art.

I create large, original corporate art that directly represents reclaimed sites. Imagine having a large painting in your office or home that starts a conversation about the site and the expertise and collaboration that went into the project that really showcases the reclamation efforts of the company you are proud to work for.

Did you know original Canadian art is a tax write-off and this type of investment to display your work in reclamation and conservation could change the way others see the genuine effort you are making in the industry.

You can view previous works at Products – Shannon Carla King.

An art print of a painting can also be arranged as a corporate reward option or retirement gift that is meaningful and elegant. I would like to provide something meaning for those who take pride in providing ethical, Canadian Energy to communities.

(p.s., I use the mitre saw to make frames and easels now...)




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